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Kanagawa Cuisine

Shonan shirasu cuisine

Shirasu (whitebait) is a type of sardine, "Spring Shirasu" that came in from the Kuroshio current off the coast, "Summer Shirasu" and "Fall Shirasu" that grew on the coast. Shirasu is a special product around Sagami bay area, and fish landing at each beach in the bay can be tasted in various kinds of dishes, like raw, sun-dried, sheet of dried sardine, dried young sardine, and so on. Among them, "Nama shirasu-don" is a famous, regional dish that has a juicy touch and scent of the island.

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Where to eat Shonan shirasu cuisine

Shonan Shirasu (boiled whitebait) image

Shonan Shirasu (boiled whitebait)

Seafood Kattobi image

Seafood Kattobi

Tobiccho Honten image

Tobiccho Honten


Kanagawa Cuisine