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Kanagawa Cuisine

Gyunabe, beef hot pot

Hailing from Yokohama, Gyunabe, is a nabe dish (a variety of Japanese hot pot dishes) that features beef stewed in a sauce made from miso and soy sauce and dates back to the opening of Yokohama Port in 1859. The meal is believed to have originated from beef dishes eaten by people living in foreign settlements around Yokohama Port at that time. Beef nabe is similar to sukiyaki, but instead of grilling the meat, it is simmered with the sauce, and later, the stewed vegetables and meat are dipped in raw egg.

Since the opening of its port, Yokohama has been influenced by Western culture. The secret behind the Gyunabe’s popularity is that the beef, which people were not accustomed to eating in the city, was flavored to match the taste preferences of Japanese people. Therefore, Gyunabe has become one of Yokohama's most famous dishes.
In Japan, Gyunabe is considered a luxury food and is often served on celebratory occasions. During your Yokohama visit, why not try Gyunabe for yourself and enjoy this luxurious and local delicacy?

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