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Kanagawa Cuisine

Oyama Tofu

Oyama Tofu refers to tofu made in Isehara city, Kanagawa prefecture. It is made with high-quality water flowing out of the Tanzawa Mountain and carefully selected soybean · bittern. Oyama flourished as a place for Oyama shrine (to visit Aburi shrine with a white robe) since the Edo period, and Oyama's Tofu serves as a devoted dish (a vegetable and fruit only dish with no meat or fish) to many people. Many restaurants that serve tofu and yuba cuisine are still scattered around Oyama today.

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Where to eat Oyama Tofu

Oyama Shukubo (pilgrims' lodging at a temple) image

Oyama Shukubo (pilgrims' lodging at a temple)

Oyama Tofu Festival image

Oyama Tofu Festival

Oyama speciality: tofu / shishi-nabe image

Oyama speciality: tofu / shishi-nabe


Kanagawa Cuisine

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