Introduction to Hakone

Mountainous hot spring resort


Introduction to Hakone

The Hakone area, which is surrounded by nature that includes Ashinoko Lake and and Mt. Komagatake is one of Japan's premier hot spring resorts.

There are 20 hot springs around the Hakone area, such as Yumoto Onsen, Gora Onsen, and Miyanogashi Onsen, and you can experience ryokan inns, which are a concentration of Japanese culture. There are also plenty of destinations where you can feel the power of nature and the earth and outdoor areas, such as Owakudani which is famous for black eggs, Sengokuhara Plateau where marsh plants grow in clumps, and the pleasure boats going back and forth across Ashinoko Lake.

In addition, there are numerous unique museums, and it is famous as a cultural area too. Mt. Fuji, which can be viewed close up, presents a variety of appearances from season to season. Enjoy the magnificent and beautiful Mt. Fuji to your heart's content.

Western Area

Hakone's Sengokuhara pampas grass and relaxing visits to art museums

Duration: 6h45m

Western Area

The lovely flowers which color the wetlands - Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands

Duration: 4h

Western Area

Historical city of Odawara, Mount Ishigaki, and the Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Natural History

Duration: 3h45m

Western Area

Dash through a park that is bursting with verdant nature - Mountain bike cruising

Duration: 8h30m

Western Area

Modern hot spring therapy and the Saijoji Temple

Duration: 4h30m

Western Area

The Choukouzan Shoutaiji Temple and weeping cherry blossom trees

Duration: 2h15m

Western Area

Kifune Festival

Duration: 1h30m

Western Area

Walk the old Hakone highway and feel like a traveler in the Edo period

Duration: 7h45m


Kuzuryū Shrine

Lusca Odawara (View of Odawara Castle from the roof)

Mount Kintoki

Silver Grass Plant Community

Lusca Odawara (Rooftop Garden)

Old Highway Cedar-lined Road

Odawara Castle