Odawara Kamaboko


Odawara Kamaboko is said to have started as a method for preserving a large amount of fish in Odawara, where coastal fishery was popular around 220 years ago. Since then it has been served to people who visited Edo for "Sankin-kotai" (bringing daimyo every other year to Edo which is the current capital Tokyo). Craftsmen practiced their skills and trained to create a high-class technique. As a result, Odawara Kamaboko continues to be praised today and spread all over Japan. ※ Kamaboko is ground white fish meat mixed with different seasoning and auxiliary raw materials. There are various kinds of kamaboko with different shapes, processing method, and seasoning within Japan.
Suzuhiro Kamaboko (steamed fish paste) Museum
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Suzuhiro Kamaboko (steamed fish paste) Museum

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