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When to visit Kanagawa

When to visit Kanagawa


With enchanting activities in every season, Kanagawa is a wonderful destination year-round! Find out more about the differences between Japan’s seasons and when may be the best time for you and your trip to Kanagawa.

Climate information

Find out how the temperatures and climate vary each season in Japan.

Monthly average

Average temperature in : 32.9°C / 91.22°F

Compare the average temperature in Kanagawa each month, alongside expected weather conditions throughout the year.

Cloudy Rain Sunny
Data source: JMA
Monthly Weather information
  • Autumn in Kanagawa

    Autumn in Kanagawa

    Relive an autumn colored by brilliant trees. For a long time, the Japanese people have come to admire autumn's beauty. “Maple leaf hunting” (Momiji-gari)...

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  • Winter in Kanagawa

    Winter in Kanagawa

    With the arrival of a cold winter, the city is filled with warm lights and colorful decorations. In Kanagawa, you can enjoy various illuminations such...

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  • Spring in Kanagawa

    Spring in Kanagawa

    There are many places to enjoy the cherry blossom in Kanagawa prefecture. With popular spots, model courses showcasing the cherry blossoms, and other...

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  • Summer in Kanagawa

    Summer in Kanagawa

    Summer in Japan is synonymous with festivals, events and fireworks. Take a stroll and enjoy the friendly atmosphere while taking your fill of the festival...

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Safety Tips

Together with our seasonal tips you can find on each Kanagawa season page above, please follow our safety notices below when it comes to more severe and unpredictable climate or weather events.

  • Staying Safe in the Heat

    Staying Safe in the Heat

    As well as staying hydrated and taking regular breaks during the hot summer, make sure to monitor the weather news in case of a heatwave or heat advisory.

  • Severe Weather

    Severe Weather

    Japan can see torrential rain during the typhoon season which  considered to run from July until October, but peaks in August and September.

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  • Earthquakes


    Japan sees a high frequency of earthquakes compared to the rest of the world, so it helps to know what to expect and what to do should you experience one

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  • Volcanoes


    Japan is known for its abundance of volcanoes — like with earthquakes, this is due to its location near several tectonic plate borders creating subduction zones.

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