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Fine Pottery and Western Cutlery Beauty Contest

Yokohama, Kawasaki 3h30m

“Harmony of Flowers and Dishes” is an event held early summer that began in 2001 on the 7th floor of Yamate Seiyoukan. At “Living with Flowers - Yokohama - “ held in 2016, 7 different groups of coordinators arranged flowers and dishes in various areas in the building. There were also flower arrangement classes (fixed number of students / some paid) held by the coordinators (the themes differ every year, and the details vary as well). On the second day, you will get to see around the new Yokohama, and Minato Mirai district.

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Miyagawa Kozan - Makuzu Ware Museum

The first Miyagawa Kozan built his atelier in Yokohama in 1871 (Meiji 4). His Makuzu ware drew high praise in World Expositions and many of his works were shipped abroad. “Makuzu ware” was loved across the world. The museum exhibits a lot of Makuzu ware masterpieces that had returned to Japan from France, Britain, and the States in recent years. The exhibition also displays changes in style. En...

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Hana to Utsuwa no Harmony (Yamate Seiyoukan)

“Hana to Utsuwa no Harmony” is the early summer event started in 2001. The event takes place at 7 Yamate Seiyoukans in Yokohama. Theme of the year 2017 is “Motenashino Hana Monogatari (hospitalities and stories of flowers) -- 7 Chapters --”. Seven coordinators arranged the flowers and tablewares of each Seiyoukans differently. (Theme is different each year) This event is not only about the d...

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Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen)

Opened in 1962 at the former site of the British soldiers’ barracks. The lookout and benches facing the ocean offer a full view of Yokohama port. A perfect place for viewing the Yokohama Bay Bridge at night. The forest on the north side was formerly a French military garrison, and is now called the French Mountain area. The land was handed over to Yokohama City in 1971. The same arch as in the ...

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