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Brewery Shop "Shuyu-kan"

Brewery Shop "Shuyu-kan"


Located on the premises of the Izumihashi Sake Brewery, visitors can sample and purchase sake. You are sure to find your favorite sake in the relaxing "Sake Friendship Hall," a renovated earthen storehouse from the Edo period. On the terrace in the garden, you can enjoy sake and snacks purchased at the store. The brewery was founded in 1857. Our ancestors established the brewery in Ebina Gochii, one of the prefecture's most important breadbasket areas, and together with the local farmers, began brewing sake by taking advantage of the abundant rice and subsoil water from the Tanzawa mountain range. Starting from about 2000 years back, the Ebina arable land has been a granary since ancient times, with many ancient burial mounds built in the 3rd and 4th centuries, and the Kokubunji Temple of Sagamiguni built in the 8th century. Izumihashi Sake Brewery is a "cultivated brewery" that dreams of passing on the tradition of rice cultivation and sake brewing to the next generation, which has been protected and handed down by the ancients.

Essential Information

Check the official website for the latest information.


10am–6pm (Monday–Saturday)



Closed Sundays, national holidays, & summer holidays

Tasting from 110 yen

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