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Spiritual Tour (Zen and Power spots) in Japan

Western Area 17h45m

This course provids opportunities to experience zen and power spots (spiritual sites) in a search of true Jpanese mentality. After the death of Steve Jobs, The concept of 「Zen」began to get global recognition. Zen is the backbone of Japanese mentality that is deeply rooted in Japanse people. You will get to visit temples and shrines and wish for your mental and physical health. You may see a new side of you after the experience.

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Iseyama Kotai Jingu Shrine

The shrine is the Sochinju (local Shinto deity) of Yokohama, and worships Amaterasu Oomikami (Sun Goddess). It's known for "Oise-san (Ise Jingu Shrine) in Kanto" region. The cherry blossom beside the stairs leads to the grounds is beautiful.

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Kencho-ji Temple

The first of the Five Great Mountains(temples) of Kamakura, with many ancient structures and a temple bell certified as a national treasure. There is a Zen meditation (Zazen) experience with English explanations and it is very popular with tourists.

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Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu was founded in 1063 by Minamoto Yoriyoshi. In 1180, Minamoto Yoritomo, commander-in-chief of the Genji clan and a descendant of Yoriyoshi, moved the shrine to its current site and constracted a magnificent new shrine. Present building of the main shrine was rebuilt in 1828 and well known as a typical Edo period’s architecture, and designated as nationally importan...

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Ooyama Afuri Shrine

This is an ancient shrine which is said to be built over 2000 years ago. Known as a place for praying for rain, as well as a sacred ground revered by many generals, the pilgrimage to Mount Ooyama became popular in the Edo Period. In 2016, this pilgrimage was designated as a Japan heritage site, with the view from Afuri Shrine featured with two Michelin stars.

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Ooyama cable car will take you to a great scenic spot that is located at a height of 700 m above sea level in 6 minutes. The cable car is 0.8 km long and the difference of elevation between stations is 278 m. Passengers can fully enjoy grand views from a large window of the cable car: a view of Enoshima spreading below the cable, seasonal sceneries of Oyama and other superb prospects. The cable...

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Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

This shrine was built to commemorate Ninomiya Sontoku who was born in Odawara and made all efforts to revitalize the villages everywhere. It is located near Odawara Castle, there are plenty of delicious restaurants and cafes. This is the shrine collecting all the things and events of that area.

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Hakone-jinja Shrine

Hakone Shrine has been considered to be one of the most prestigious shrines in the Kanto region and is the site of prayers for traffic safety, realization of wishes, and good luck/expelling bad luck. The origin of the shrine dates back to the reign of Emperor Kōshō, about 2,400 years ago, when the holy priest Shosen was enshrined as the object of worship in Komagatake, Hakone, which since that ...

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Kuzuryū Shrine

The Kuzuryū Shrine is an outer precinct shrine of the Hakone Shrine, worshipping the guardian deity of Lake Ashinoko and Kuzuryū Shrine. This shrine, located in the forest of Lake Ashinoko, has a small Torii(shrine gate) in the lake and is known for its dragon deity (Ryujin-sama) who is said to have strong powers in bringing fortune, business prosperity and love. During the Tsukinami Festival (...

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Soba dokoroMiyoshi

Taste Japanese Soba watching the Lake Ashi, Ashinoko. Organic grown product will comfort you. We recommend you "Sanroku Soba" ; cool noodles in a hot soup with a great taste by cooking Sanroku pork. Also recommend "Iwanori Soba"; seaweed paste from Izu sea. Those seaweeds are scrated off from the sea rock by hands.

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Odawara Castle

This is a symbol of the Odawara family that was rebuilt in 1960. After the main castle underwent major reconstructions, dubbed the Great Heisei Restoration, there are now graphics introducing the castle, a theater exhibition and interactive exhibits that allow visitors to try on armor in the castle grounds. Rental costumes of samurai, princesses, ninjas, as well as an amusement park are also av...

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