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Sustainable travel in Kanagawa

Sustainability is a concept that refers to environmental, social, and economic practices that maintain present day needs without compromising the needs of future generations. While most people associate sustainability with nature, it encompasses much more and is an integral part in preserving regions’ traditions and economic vitalities. Thanks to its natural beauty and cultural charm, Kanagawa is a perfect place to learn about sustainability, practice sustainable travel, and play a role in preserving its wonders for years to come.

Sustainable attractions

Check out these sustainable highlights within Kanagawa for your next trip.

  • Sarushima


  • Jogashima Park

    Jogashima Park

  • Yuigahama



Kanagawa as a sustainable travel destination

With its lively urban landscapes, oceanside charm, western mountains, historical architecture, and rich regional cultures, Kanagawa has no shortage of opportunities to practice sustainable travel.


Walking and biking are the most sustainable forms of travel, followed by trains and buses, cars, and then airplanes. Fortunately, Kanagawa is well connected by a web of train and bus services and is often easily explorable by foot or bike once you reach your destination.

Nature conservation

Eco-tourism tends to be the least environmentally damaging form of tourism and encompasses activities such as hiking, mountain climbing, biking, forest bathing, and boating. Kanagawa’s nature provides the perfect venue to explore the environment and learn about conservation efforts.

Local Food

Enjoy Kanagawa’s cuisine by visiting traditional restaurants, food stalls, and local eateries where your spending gives back to the local community and supports regional dishes.

Local Culture

Support Kanagawa’s local culture by enrolling in traditional workshops and visiting culturally significant locations. By doing so, you support communities through your spending and gain insight into different ways of life.

Kanagawa’s sustainability initiatives

In 2015, the United Nations created a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to guide nations towards a better future. These objectives address environmental, social, and economic issues around the globe and seek to create a sustainable future where people live in harmony with the environment and each other. As a member of this global pact, Japan aims to accomplish these goals by 2030. Discover Kanagawa’s sustainable initiatives below.

  • Kanagawa Plastic Garbage Zero Declaration

    Kanagawa Plastic Garbage Zero Declaration

    This seeks to fight marine pollution by reducing single-use plastics, promoting the recycling of plastic waste, and expanding cleanup activities.

    12 Responsible Consumption and Production 14 Life Below Water 17 - Partnerships for the Goals
  • Temaedori: ethical consumption

    Temaedori: ethical consumption

    To combat food waste produced by unsold, expired products, Kanagawa has implemented an initiative called “Temaedori,” which encourages shoppers to choose products located at the front of stores’ shelves.

    Zero Hunger 12 Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Sustainable tourism in Kamakura

    Sustainable tourism in Kamakura

    In order to become a tourist destination that everyone can enjoy for years to come, the Kamakura City Tourism Association has launched initiatives to connect students with the local culture, regularly clean heavily trafficked streets, and better accommodate guests with disabilities.

    17 - Partnerships for the Goals 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities 8 - Decent Work And Economic Growth 10 Reduced Inequalities
  • SDGs FutureCity

    SDGs FutureCity

    Japan aims to reach numerous sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030, and Kanagawa’s cities have launched numerous programs to move in this positive direction. Prior to your trip, seek out the prefecture’s sustainable initiatives and integrate them into your travel itineraries. 

    17 - Partnerships for the Goals 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Tips for traveling Sustainable in Kanagawa

Tips for traveling Sustainable in Kanagawa

Learn about how to keep your next Kanagawa trip sustainable