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Outdoor Fun in Kanagawa

Outdoor Fun in Kanagawa

Connect with nature, friends, family, and yourself.

With mountainous terrain, lush forests, and expansive coastlines from Sagami to Tokyo Bay, Kanagawa offers a host of outdoor adventures easily accessible from Tokyo—ranging from hiking and camping to cycling and beach fun. These family friendly activities will keep all ages entertained and vary in activity level and intensity. Read on, and discover the perfect activities for you!

Outdoor facilities with nature obstacle courses

For those looking for a challenge, Kanagawa has multiple parks with outdoor fitness centers and obstacle courses. Try balancing on rope bridges elevated in a forest canopy at Tree Cross Adventure Atsugi, climb towering structures at Sagamiko Resort, zipline through trees at Forest Adventure Odawara, or navigate wooden beams at Field Athletic Yokohama Tsukushino Course (it even has onsite barbeque areas!). With both kid friendly and more thrilling options, Kanagawa’s outdoor facilities are suitable for a wide range of visitors and act as perfect ways to connect with nature.

Fun at the beach

Given that Kanagawa shares its southern and eastern borders with the ocean, it is no surprise that the prefecture is home to a variety of waterside activities. Try surfing, SUP (standup paddle boarding), or beach yoga along the area’s scenic shoreline or hop on an “Aquaboard” and take to the skies through water power.


For scenic wanderers, Kanagawa is an ideal place for cycling. Rent a normal or electrically assisted bicycle and explore the prefecture’s lush sceneries and sightseeing spots. After your outdoor adventure, be sure to stop at one of Kanagawa’s many barbeque spots to refuel and relax.

Hiking & exploration

Kanagawa’s naturally and culturally blessed landscapes are filled with excursions that are guaranteed to nourish your inner adventurer.

Uncover the prefecture’s mysterious side with a visit to Sarushima, an uninhabited island also called Monkey Island. The abandoned military outpost features nature-reclaimed ruins and is a wonderful place to enjoy a seaside day away from the crowds. Alternatively, you can opt for a spiritual walk along Kanazawa Kaido to explore temples from the Kamakura period.

Of course, views of Mount Fuji are especially sought after, and perhaps nowhere is the sight more impressive than from the top of Mount Komagatake in Hakone. Ride the impressive ropeway and marvel at the vistas of Fuji on the way.

Camping & glamping

Kanagawa’s scenic forests, rivers, and mountains make it an outstanding destination to reconnect with nature, and there is no better way to do so than camping or glamping. Leisurely relax amid the gentle sounds of nature and hike, barbeque, swim, boat, or fish with your friends and family. With options such as tents, yurts, and cabins, Kanagawa’s camping scene offers something for everyone.

For another mind-fulfilling experience, stay at the Fujino Club, where you can experience agricultural living first hand.

With environmental harmony at the forefront, the prefecture’s plethora of nature activities brings people together for uniquely fun times. Kanagawa is truly a treasure trove of little-known wonders that highlight Japan’s beauty and charm.


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