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Forest Adventure is a forest leisure facility that was started by ALTUS in Annecy, France. As the name suggests, it is an outdoor park in harmony with nature. Participants can experience activities that can not be found in their daily lives. The park was initially created for corporate training programs of companies in France and Switzerland. Once the park was opened to the public in France, the park gained explosive popularity. The park has spreaded worldwide since then, and now you can enjoy Forest Adventure at 13 locations in Japan, including Odawara. Wearing harnesses, participants proceed through courses created using natural standing trees. There are various methods to proceed. Fast movement, wind blowing behind you, and looking at sceneries recede from your view make you feel like you are a bird. Basically, activity participants are to take full responsibility for their actions, however, established safety standard and introductory lessons will secure the safety of beginners. There is a shoes rental service, so anybody can participate activities casually.

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4391 Kuno, Odawara City, Kanagawa

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Adults (over 18) / 3,800 yenChildren (1st grader ~ 17) / 2,800 yen※Discounts for groups and families are available


Odawara Castle Adventure (Wanpaku land)
Western Area 4

Odawara Castle Adventure (Wanpaku land)

Tsujimura Botanical Park
Western Area 2

Tsujimura Botanical Park

Suzuhiro Kamaboko (steamed fish paste) Museum
Western Area 11

Suzuhiro Kamaboko (steamed fish paste) Museum

Western Area 5