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Two days experiencing the charms of Yokosuka and the natural beauty of Miura

Yokosuka, Miura 15h15m

This is a two-day plan, where you'll be visiting famous tourist attractions in Yokohama and Kanagawa's most scenic spots.

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Minato Mirai 21

The main sight-seeing area of Yokohama, facing the port of Yokohama with skyscrapers, large commercial buildings and retro architecture lining the streets. Here, there is a good mix of spots where you can experience the modern and the traditional.

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Aka-Renga Soko (Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse)

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 1st Building The 3rd floor houses a hall with approximately 300 seats used for theater performances and concerts. It can be used as a party space as well. The 2nd floor is a multi-purpose space used for gallery and other events. The 1st floor has 5 shops including “Akarenga (brick) Depot” that sells brick goods, “Yokohama Glass” where you can...

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Yokohama Chinatown

One of the largest Chinatowns in the world with 140 years of history. More than 500 restaurants and shops fill an area of about 500 square meters. Known as one of the three major Chinatowns in Japan along with those in Kobe and Nagasaki.

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Yokosuka Dobuita Street

The shopping arcade in front of the main gate of the U.S. Navy Base. The arcade thrived after World War 2 as a shopping mall for the U.S. Navy stationed in Yokosuka. Today, the street is dotted with apparel shops focused on youth (offering "Sukajan" jackets, etc.), and restaurants and bars for Americans.

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Memorial Ship MIKASA
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Memorial Ship MIKASA

Memorial Ship MIKASA is a battle ship that was built in England 1902 (Meiji 35). In 1905 (Meiji 38), MIKASA was led by Admiral Heihachiro Togo, Commander-in-Chief of the Combined Fleet, and battled as a Falg ship of the Combined Fleet in the Battle of Tsushima. Japan won an overwhelming victory in the battle against Baltic Fleet of Russia. Japanese are proud of MIKASA's unsurpassed accomplishme...

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Cape Kannonzaki

The whole of Cape Kannonzaki is maintained as a park and there, you can find an art museum with scenic landscapes and the Kannonzaki Lighthouse where you can enjoy a view of the Boso Peninsula. There are also wartime ruins you can visit the whole year round, and in summer, you can spend a day at the beach or enjoy a delicious barbecue. This place is also famous for its hydrangeas, and is select...

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Koajiro Forest

Koajiro Forest is said to be the only natural environment in Kanto where you can find an entire river basin connecting the forest to swamps/mud flats and the sea. Starting with the red-clawed crab living in the forest, many living organisms make up a diverse ecosystem. As you walk along the path from the forest to the mudflats, you can observe the changes in the natural environment.

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Riviera Seabornia Resort

Seabornia faces the Sagami Bay, which is considered to be the best location for marine sports. It is blessed with a warm climate and a beautiful landscape overlooking the southernmost tip of the Miura Peninsula. As it features all the natural conditions required of a harbor, including depth of water and a calm bay, it has long been loved by many yachting and boating enthusiasts. It is a multipu...

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Jogashima was published on the Michelin Green Guide Japon third edition as a two-star scenic spot. Many scenic spots are in the island. Visits can enjoy a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean and a fantastically shaped rock "Uma no Se Domon (a sea cave)" in southern hiking trail, and a grand view of Mt Fuji across the Sagami Bay that can be seen in Western part. About 700,000 of double ...

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Misaki Tuna

Misaki Tuna is one of the 100 Best Specialties in Kanagawa. An introductory sentence in the award above say, "For Tuna, go to Misaki. Misaki is the home port for tuna. It is well known for Tuna in Japan." Various tunas from all over the world, such as bigeye tuna, are landed at Misaki Suisanbutsu Chiho Oroshiuri Ichiba (local wholesale market for marine products), also known as Misaki Uo Ichiba...

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