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Odawara Castle History and Culture Walk

Western Area 16h45m 31

During the Siege of Odawara, the reason the Hojo clan was able to hold their own against Hideyoshi's 148,000 troops for three months was all due to the outer enclosure of the castle. The castle's 9-kilometer long circumference still retains traces of that period. The Hojo clans' fortifications are also said to have set an example for castle building in later periods. Earthworks, traces of moats... The Warring States period is alive right here.


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Jouei-ji Temple

Western Area 30m

Jouei-Ji is the temple of Nichiren Shu Buddhist school, located in Shiroyama, Odawara City in Kanagawa prefecture.

Okubo Shrine

Western Area 30m

Okubo Shrine enshrines Okubo Tadayo, the first castellan of Odawara castle, and Okubo Tadazane, the 11th lord of Odawara Han.

Daikyu-ji Temple

Western Area 30m

Daikyu-ji temple was founded by Lord Okubo Tadayo, who was the castellan of Odawara castle as well as the loyal subject of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

Hayakawa-guchi Remains

Western Area 15m

This is part of the mounds that surrounded the town of Odawara and was the important platform to confront the headquarters of Toyotomi army.

Odawara Literature Museum
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Odawara Literature Museum

Western Area 1h

Many writers had lived in Odawara. Odawara had been popular among writers since Meiji period, because of its mild weather. The museum exhibits writers' lives...

Odawara Castle Ruins Park

Western Area 1h

The historical landmarks, primarily the Honmaru square with castle tower are opened to visitors. This is the tourist attraction place, symbolizing Odawara ci...

Hotoku Ninomiya Shrine

Western Area 15m

This shrine was built to commemorate Ninomiya Sontoku who was born in Odawara and made all efforts to revitalize the villages everywhere. It is located n...

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