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Manazuru Peninsula Nature Excursion

Hakone Area Multi day 108

Manazuru offers the wonders of both the mountains and the sea. Places you can't go outside of certain time slots, seaside strolls, forest bathing… This course is for those who want bask in the energy of nature to their heart's content.



Arai Castle Ruins Park

Manazuru 45m

Surrounded by bamboo groves, this quiet park is a place for relaxation. In spring, a weeping cherry blossom party is held when the trees are in bloom. The contrast...

Manazuru Town Nakagawa Kazumasa Art Museum

Manazuru 1h

The museum was opened in March 1989 when Kazumasa Nakagawa, a painter and contemporary literary artist who lived in Manazuru, donated his work to the town. Located...

Ohayashi view park

Manazuru 45m

In the park, there’s a golf course and a barbecue pit where everyone young and old can enjoy themselves. At the tip of the park, there is an observatory where...

Manazuru Nature Trail

Manazuru 30m

【Forest Promenade】This 300-meter-long promenade stretches out in the direction of the cape from the Nakagawa Museum of Art. Midway there is a hut for bird-watching....

Shiosai Promenade

Manazuru 1h

It is a 700 meter walking trail by the coastline at the tip of Manazuru peninsula. You can enjoy walking while overlooking Sagami Bay and Mitsuishi Shore.


Manazuru 30m

Mitsuishi, also known as Kasashima, is a symbol of the Manazuru Peninsula and is famous for the first sunrise of the year. It is a mysterious place that connects...

Kibune Shrine

Manazuru 30m

The Kibune Shrine Festival is held for two days in July every year. It is famous for its magnificent boat festival and has been designated as Japan's important...

Manazuru Sakanaza

Manazuru 1h

Located on the second floor of the fish market, Uoza offers fresh seafood with a beautiful view of Manazuru. BBQ is also now available on the terrace, where you...


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