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Manazuru Peninsula Cherry Blossom Spots

Hakone Area Full day 8

This route will take through all the scenic spots on the Manazuru Peninsula.



Arai Castle Ruins Park

Manazuru 45m

Surrounded by bamboo groves, this quiet park is a place for relaxation. In spring, a weeping cherry blossom party is held when the trees are in bloom. The contrast...

Manazuru Port

Manazuru 30m

This port is a base for the local industries in Manazuru, fishing boats, cargo ships carrying stone materials, and so on. Besides that, there is a fish market nearby...

Kibune Shrine

Manazuru 30m

The Kibune Shrine Festival is held for two days in July every year. It is famous for its magnificent boat festival and has been designated as Japan's important...

Kotogahama Beach

Manazuru 30m

In summer, this beach is known for the appearance of sea tinkles which light up the waves in pale blue, creating a mystical scenery.

Mt Toumyousan

Manazuru 30m

The highest point of the Manazuru Peninsula Nature Park is Mount Toumyousan. As it was once a reed field, it was said that a temple was built to pray for the safety...


Manazuru 30m

Mitsuishi, also known as Kasashima, is a symbol of the Manazuru Peninsula and is famous for the first sunrise of the year. It is a mysterious place that connects...


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