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Heal "Mibyou" with exercise and hot springs! Try some easy exercise!

Western Area 21h 13

This is best suited for those who can't help doing some excercise even on vacation to stay healty or for those who like hikinng or climbing mountains. The tour offres a set of Onsen sites (hot springs) that Japan prouds itself on. Onsen after some excercise will give you a boost for next excersie. You should join the course if you are not completely satisfied with just soaking in hot springs.


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Only-you (Hot Spring)

Western Area 2h

This is a facility to enjoy modern “Toji” style. Wide range of programs are available, such as Nordic walking, Yoga, and others.

Forest Adventure Odawara

Western Area 1h

Forest Adventure is a forest leisure facility that was started by ALTUS in Annecy, France. As the name suggests, it is an outdoor park in harmony with nature...

Hakone Hiking course

Western Area 2h

This wonderful 3.4 kilometer hiking course leading to Ashi Lake enables you to stroll along the Haya-kawa river and go through the Nagao Pass (a registered "...

Resort Yoga Experience

Western Area 30m

Enjoy your stay in Moto Hakone where there are many power spots (spiritual places) such as Hakone shrine, Kuzuryu shrine, and Ancient Cedar Avenue. Next day,...

Mishima Sky-walk

Around Kanagawa 30m

Mishima skywalk is the longest pedestrian suspention bridge. Please enjoy panoramic views from this bridge; Mt. Fuji, Suruga bay and Izu mounta...

Gokurakuyu Mishima

Around Kanagawa 1h30m

You can see Mt. Hoei which is on the side of Mt. Fuji. Mt Hoei was emerged by the Mt. Fuji's eruption in 1707. Enjoy the seasonal scenic view ...

Mishimataisha Shrine

Around Kanagawa 30m

Mishima-taisha is a shrine located in Omiya-cho, Mishima city, Shizuoka prefecture. This is the main shrine of Izu no kuni (Izu country). Minamoto No Y...

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