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Fujisawa Course: Trace the history of Fujisawa Post Town as seen in ukiyo-e prints and follow the footsteps of the legendary Yoshitsune.

Shonan Area 6h15m

This tour offers a visit to the Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum displaying a variety of ukiyo-e depicting Fujisawa, as well as a chance to stroll around the Fujisawa Post Town area and walk in the footsteps of the legendary Yoshitsune, a famous Japanese historical hero.

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Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum

Fujisawa Municipal Ukiyo-e Museum holds an exhibition of Tokaido Fujisawa station and Enoshima Ukiyo-e and other local artifacts. In Edo era Tokaido Fujisawa station was set here. Main temple " Jishu-Souhonzan Shoujyoukouji" was built in Fujisawa about 700 years ago that makes Fujisawa forefront for the visitors to Enoshima and Oyama in Edo era. Based on the landscapes and folklores in Fujisawa...

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Fujisawa City Art Space

Fujisawa City Art Space provides support for the creative activities of young artists. It also offers a variety of events such as rotating exhibitions, workshops, and seminars. The art space pursues new art possibilities while strengthening their connection with local communities.

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Fujisawa Shuku Kouryu-kan

Guided tour of the streets (3~4 hours). We will stop at Fujisawa shuku Kouryu-kan, where you can see an exhibition of local materials, dioramas, and experience virtual experiences. Special Fujisawa Shuku Bento (Prior reservation required).

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Yugyo-ji Temple

The head temple of Ji-shu Buddhism (time sect) worshipping Priest Ippen as the founder. Many events are held throughout the year, including a ceremony for the anniversary of the founder’s death (Kaisanki), and Susuki Nenbutsu-e (prayer ceremony). This place is known as a place of relaxation for the locals and as a training ground with buddhist temples including a wooden main temple praised to b...

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Joukou-ji Temple

It is a Jodo Buddhism temple in Fujisawa. the Amida buddha at the temple is one of the important cultural heritages of the city. In addition, the quiet forest surrounding the cemetery has also been selected as a natural heritage by the city. Photos by Provided by Fujisawa exchange center

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Kubiarai Well of Minamoto-no Yoshitsune

Minamoto-no Yoshitsune, who incurred the wrath of his older brother Minamoto-no Yoritomo, killed himself in the house of Koromogawa-no Tachi in Oshu province (present Iwate prefecture). His decapitated head was placed on public display in Koshigoe, then was disposed on the beach of Katase. Legend has it that the disposed head, covered in mud, was carried by a turtle on its back, which swam upst...

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