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Hop-and-Stop Tour on the Odakyu-Enoshima Line

Shonan Area Multi day 8

We will walk around from Chogo station to Fujisawa Honcho station's nature and historic sites along Odakyu Enoshima line.


Chogo Fruit Park

Fujisawa 15m

An orchard located within Fujisawa City. We offer fruit-picking experiences, as well as direct sales and home delivery. Plums can be picked in May, whereas pears,...

Hikijigawa Shinsui Park

Fujisawa 1h30m

Park located along Hikichi River. In the spring, you can see many flowers such as sakura (cherry blossoms), azalea, wisteria, and carp streamers on May 5th. Parking...

Iseyama Park

Fujisawa 30m

Park where you can see Fujisawa City, Enoshima, and Sagami Bay.

Fujisawa Shuku Kouryu-kan

Fujisawa 30m

It was opened in 2016 as a place to interact and experience the history and culture of Fujisawa, the sixth post station on the old Tokaido road. In addition to...

Madame Rouge Bakery

Fujisawa 15m

Impressed with the bread in Paris, France, and with an emphasis on the bread making process, we provide customers with bread that makes both your heart and face...

Katase Enoshima station on Odakyu line

Fujisawa 15m

Katase Enoshima Station is the last stop on the Enoshima Line and its unique design represents Ryugujo, an undersea palace from a Japanese folklore

Enoshima Island Spa

Fujisawa 2h

Located at the entrance of Enoshima, Enoshima Island Spa is a hot spring facility with a natural hot spring and spa pool. It is a great location with views of the...


Fujisawa 30m

When you are on your way to Katase Enoshima Station or Enoshima from Enoshima Electric Railway, Enoshima Station, there is a shopping district called "Subana-dori."...

Enoden / Enoshima Station

Fujisawa 15m

Enoshima Station is a station operated by the Enoshima Electric Railway, a private railway company in Japan. You can to Enoshima from Enoden Enoshima Station via...


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