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Enoshima Tombolo Experience, Soba-Making & Night View

Shonan Area 12h45m 7

During the low water spring tide, Enoshima becomes accessible by land, allowing you to walk through a sandy beach to the island. Try your hand at making soba at the Matsumoto Museum in the Samuel Cocking Garden, and after gazing at the sunset you'll be strolling through Enoshima now decorated with lanterns—a special event that happens only during August.


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Tonboro-Water at low tide

Shonan Area 30m

Natural phenomenon at Enoshima in which there is low tide for approximately one hour. Because the sand carried by the waves gather and pile up, a path, or sa...

Enoshima North Green Park

Shonan Area 30m

Olympic fountain pond and Morse monument are in this park. At Tennou Festival portable shrines, Mikoshi, will walk into the sea from this shore.

Morse Monument

Shonan Area 15m

Morse monument was built to commemorate Edward S. Morse, who contributed to the birth of modern zoology in Japan.

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Shonan Area 30m

Enoshima Yacht Harbor opened for yachting events for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Since its opening, though being one of the few public yacht habors in Japan, it...

Enoshima Shrine

Shonan Area 30m

Enoshima Shrine consists of three palaces, Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya and Okutsumiya. Three-sister sea guardian is worshipped in each palace. In an...

Enoshima Iwaya Cavern

Shonan Area 30m

Master Dharma,Kobo Daisi and Minamotono Yoritomo are said to have visited this place and it is also said to be the roots of Sarasvati belief. This cave was c...

Enoshima Lanterns

Shonan Area 30m

While Enoshima has a strong image of swimming during the summer, a new event with the theme of "Cool Evening" has started and is opened only during a limited...

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