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Dash through a park that is bursting with verdant nature - Mountain bike cruising

Western Area 8h30m

Exploring Hakone, with its lineup of fascinating sights, on your own is bound to show you the city in a new, different light. Experience Hakone's history and nature freely at your own pace. Round it off with a relaxing cruise, as you feel the refreshing breeze from Lake Ashi.

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Hakone Visitors’ Center

Information on the area’s natural surroundings and photographs of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park are displayed in the center to help visitors enjoy safe and informed hiking in the Hakone area. The high-vision theater shows a movie of the beautiful nature in Hakone, and other exhibitions include a 3D terrain map and a map of the entire Hakone area. The observation lounge overlooking Ashinoko ...

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Kuzuryū Shrine

The Kuzuryū Shrine is an outer precinct shrine of the Hakone Shrine, worshipping the guardian deity of Lake Ashinoko and Kuzuryū Shrine. This shrine, located in the forest of Lake Ashinoko, has a small Torii(shrine gate) in the lake and is known for its dragon deity (Ryujin-sama) who is said to have strong powers in bringing fortune, business prosperity and love. During the Tsukinami Festival (...

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Hakone-jinja Shrine

Hakone Shrine has been considered to be one of the most prestigious shrines in the Kanto region and is the site of prayers for traffic safety, realization of wishes, and good luck/expelling bad luck. The origin of the shrine dates back to the reign of Emperor Kōshō, about 2,400 years ago, when the holy priest Shosen was enshrined as the object of worship in Komagatake, Hakone, which since that ...

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Onshi-Hakone-Koen Park

This park spreads across the area of the former Hakone Imperial Villa. Here you can enjoy a view of Lake Ashinoko, the surrounding Hakone somma (vocanic caldera) and the peak of Mount Fuji. This magnificent place is selected as one of Kanagawa's Top 50 sights.

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