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A 3 day trip to visit breweries in Japan and indulge in a veriety of sake

Central Area 17h30m 15

In Kanagawa prefecture which is right next to Tokyo, brewing by using a plenty of fresh water from Mt. Tanzawa and Mt. Hakone has been thriving. This tour model offers an oppurtunity to enjoy famous alcoholic beverages in Kanagawa and learn about sake (Japanese brand alcoholic beverages) which is gaining popularity overseas. In addition, you can enjoy other drinks like beer in general.


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Koganei Brewery

Central Area 45m

This is a historical, 200 year old sake brewery. In the nature of Higashitanzawa, the brewery uses the local springwater to create it's sake, Sakarimasu. Add...

Hon-atsugi Myroad

Central Area 1h

Hon-atsugi Myroad is a trend and conservative shopping mall in the station building. They serve comfortable merchandise community for those who comes to s...

Izumibashi Sake Brewery

Central Area 1h

Founded in 1857, Izumibashi Sake Brewery is not only a sake brewery but also a cultivator of rice. We see sake as an agricultural by-product, and make sake b...

Brewery Shop"Shuyu-kan"

Central Area 15m

This brewery started its business in 1857 in Edo Ansei era. Our founder started brewing sake with the gift of affluent rice products and pure water from Tanz...

Kuramoto Kakou Izumibashi

Central Area 1h

This is a brewery's restaurant for those who visit brewery's farm and tour our brewery. They wanted to entertain those people who come visit our brewery and ...

Ashigara no Sato

Western Area 15m

This is a souvenir shop in the Asahi Beer Kanagawa factory. Many products of Ashigara area are sold there. The popular item is "Yoisho no Kintaro"...

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