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2 Days of Visiting Historic Sites from "Bakumatsu" to "Bunmei kaika"

Yokohama, Kawasaki 12h 19

Starting with visiting remains of cannons in Odaiba park that are deeply related to the Arrival of Black Ships, we will also go to Asakusa where the atmosphere of the Edo period still remains. Next day, you can visit historic sites that are relevant to Meiji Restoration and opening itself to other countries for trade. It will be like a time-travel to the Meiji period.


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Daiba Park

Around Kanagawa 30m

Daiba means battery. Edo shogunate built 6 batteries in order to protect Japan from American fleets which demanded Tokugawa shogunate to open up p...

Yokohama Chinatown

Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h30m

One of the largest Chinatowns in the world with 140 years of history. More than 500 restaurants and shops fill an area of about 500 square meters. Known as o...

Hotel New Grand

Yokohama, Kawasaki 15m

Established in 1927, this classic hotel is reminiscent of Yokohama in the past when the port was first opened. As a renowned hotel of Yokohama, the internati...

Soji-ji Temple

Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h

This is the main temple of Soto Zen Buddhism, located in Tsurumi, Yokohama. In the extensive temple grounds, there is a Zen garden lined with many Garans (te...


Yokohama, Kawasaki 1h

LA CITTADELLA is a five minute walk from the east exit of Kawasaki Station. It is modeled on an Italian hillside town. At LA CITTADELLA you can enjoy going t...

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