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Kanagawa From Home

Kanagawa is Exciting: From island getaways to mesmerizing naturescapes; reconnect with the adventurer in you

Dec 03 2021

Discover the natural beauty and allure of Kanagawa’s outdoor excursions. From islands with pristine beaches to volcanic valleys and scenic lakes, Kanagawa prefecture has a destination for everyone. Pack your walking shoes, and get ready for your next adventure.

Lake Ashi

Adventure awaits on Lake Ashi! Climb aboard a brightly colored pirate ship and sail the blue waters of the lake with a Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. Feel the whisper of excitement on every breeze as you witness majestic views, such as a massive, floating torii gate from Hakone Shrine, lush nature, and even Mount Fuji. On sunny days, the sunlight dances on the rippling tide in an awe-inspiring visual. The outdoors are calling.


Owakudani is a volcanic valley dotted with craters, sulfur vents, and hot springs. From Hakone Ropeway, witness aerial views of the hauntingly beautiful landscape. The valley’s red-toned mountainside, lack of vegetation, and ever-present billowing steam vents create an environment that a monk once compared to that of hell. Once you reach Owakudani, stroll through the composition of stone, smoke, and boiling ponds, and be sure to try kuro-tamago — black eggs boiled in the volcanic waters.


For a change of pace, visit Sarushima, the only natural and uninhabited island in Tokyo Bay. During summer, the small island is home to outdoor activities such as barbequing, sunbathing, fishing, and swimming. However, the island’s main lure is its abandoned military outposts. The structures’ faded brick exteriors reclaimed by nature stand as shadows of times past and undoubtedly ignite the adventurer in all of us.

Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest

Escape the monotony of indoor life at Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest. This expansive outdoor facility features campsites, barbeque spots, an amusement park, and a range of fun attractions for all ages. Reconnect with your body at the Muscle Monster climbing attraction and push yourself higher at the elevated ‘screaming suspension bridge’ Futen! Those who brave the heights can rejuvenate their soul with panoramic views of Lake Sagami and the surrounding mountainscape.


Enoshima island, around 4km in circumference, is a popular getaway among locals and visitors alike. The island’s greenery, rocky coastline, sandy beaches, and historic spots create the perfect environment for an outdoor adventure. Wander the forested hillsides and find peace among Enoshima Shrine. At the centrally located Samuel Cocking Garden, observe exquisite botanical gardens and enjoy panoramic views of Sagami Bay from Enoshima Sea Candle. For a more isolated experience, visit the island’s far, southern coast where jagged rocks meet fractured rays of sunlight on the sea in a mesmerizing display of nature. Below the island, explore the Buddhist statues and inscribed stones of the mystical Iwaya Caves.