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Tonosama no Haka (Lord's grave/tomb)

Tonosama no Haka (Lord's grave/tomb)

Shigeyoshi Tominaga, descendant of the illegitimate Tominaga, whose lineage comes from the Sasaki clan of the Uda Genji lineage, served in the Rokkaku clan and, after the fall of the Rokkaku clan, entered the service of the Hojo clan. Despite his many merits, he was defeated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and followed Hojo Ujinao to Koyasan (Mt. Koya). Later, he was called to help obtain Korea by Ieyasu Tokugawa. In 1594, due to his valient efforts he was given 250 "koku" of land in Hayano Village, Tsuzuki-gun, and ruled the area as the lord of Hayano. He joined the Battle of Sekigahara (1600) and Siege of Osaka (1614/15) as the direct retainer of a shogun, directing the spear division. He died on December 16, 1646, at the age of 96 and was buried at Kaiōji Temple. His grave still remains today as the Tono-Sama Tomb. Tono-Sama's Tomb (four five-ringed pagodas) The family graves of Shigeyoshi Tominaga, lord of Hayano Village in Tsuzuki-gun The four graves home Shigeyoshi I, his wife (a daughter of Shuji Takahashi Izumi-no-Mori, a vassal of the Hojo family), Shigemoro II, and Morokatsu III (From the right side of the four tomb towers) The volcanic andesite five-ring pagoda, which was made by Kaiōji Temple for Shigeyoshi, is 222cm tall, and although the base is made up of a separate stone, the five rings seem to have been made from a single stone. On the front of the pagoda are inscribed "Kya-Ka-Ra-Ba-A," the Sanskrit characters for sky, wind, fire, water, and earth, respectively. The second tomb is inscribed with "Tominaga Shuzen Minamoto no Choshin Yasuyoshi Horinin-den Kio Sokankoji, December 16, Shoho 3, year of Hinoeinu". He died at the age of 96. The second grave is that of Shigekichi's third son, Shikatsu, and is about 185cm high. The round "water wheel" (suirin) ball was cut and constructed top to bottom. The inscription reads, "Kounin-dono Shogaku Ryoshige Resident, Kanbun 12, year of Mizunoene Shimo (11), October 9 (left side) Tominaga Magozaemon-no Yasuken". He died at the age of 56. The third grave is that of Shigekichi's wife. Like Shigekichi's grave, it is made of a single stone. The inscription seems to be "Josoin-den Myosuke Zensetsu Daishi died on July 9, the first year of the Kanbun era" but the age is unknown. The fourth grave is that of Shigekichi's eldest son, Shigeshi. Like Shikatsu's five-ring pagoda, each is built of separate stones The inscription on the back reads, "Ryoshoin-dono Mukishi Tekishin-juji: Kanbun 2, year of Mizunoetora Koku (12) Mon Hatsukaichi (Reverse side) Goyari Bogyo Tominaga Shozen Shogen Mitsutada: 60 years old, died on Heikoku Getsu Hatsukaichi]". He passed away at the age of 60.

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Odakyu Line, Kakio Station

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