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Kotohira Shrine

Kotohira Shrine

Shinmeisha Shrine has been worshipped since 1570 in Kotohira. In 1862 Kagawa Kotohira-gu Shrine seperated and it was worshiped together with Shinmei-sha. Former main shrines except the deepest one were burnt down in 2007. They were reconstructed in 2011. Ka-chou-sansui pictures (Japanese ancient pictures of nature, such as flowers, butterflies and rivers and mountains) were restored. They reminds us of Japanese ancient days.

Essential Information

Admission hours

Prayer reception: 9am–4pm (accepted at any time, no appointment required)

Main Shrine worship hours: 8am–4pm (the ceremonial hall is open all day)



Admission fees


Access Take the Tokyu bus bound for Tama Plaza at Kakio Station on the Odakyu Line or the bus from Tama Plaza Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line to Kakio Station and get off at Kotohirashita.

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