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Yokohama Shopping Arcade Walking Tour

In Kanagawa, there are plenty of unique shops. Some have items dating back to the Kamakura Period, some have a retro vibe, and some sell fresh food and knickknacks that can give you a taste of Japanese life. With these course, you can visit a number of shopping streets and get to know more about Japanese culture.


Rokkakubashi Shotengai (shopping area)

Yokohama 45m

A retro shopping street that retains the atmosphere of the Showa period. Around 160 stores of various businesses line Nakamise-dori. Events such as the Dokkiriyami...

Yokohama Kofukuji Matsubara Shopping Street

Yokohama 45m

This shopping area, developed into a Tokaido route, is also known as the Ameyoko of Yokohama, and is nearly as lively as the Hodogaya-shuku. How about taking a...


Yokohama 2h

A French restaurant in Motomachi, Yokohama, which opened in 1981. Setting a high value on local production for local consumption, by adding touches of Mutekirou’s...

Motomachi Shopping Street

Yokohama 30m

When Yokohama port opened, many foreign travelers decided to settle in the area. It later became a popular shopping district attracting many tourists.


Kamakura 1h

It is said that Wakamiya-Oji Street, which reaches from the first torii gate to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, was built by Yorimoto Minamoto (the first shogun in Japan)...

Komachi Street

Kamakura 45m

This street is one of the most famous shopping street in Kamakura, Japan. It has been featured in some TV programs and magazines. There are about 250 shops. Come...


Kamakura 30m

The Kamakurabori Museum, on the 3rd floor of the Kamakurabori Kaikan, is the only museum that introduces the history and works of Kamakurabori (a form of Japanese...

Hakone-Yumoto Shopping Street

Hakone 1h

Hakone-Yumoto Station, the terminal station of the Hakone Romance Car, is the gateway to Hakone. The arcade street in front of the station is lined with many souvenir...

Hakone Miyanoshita Shopping Association

Hakone 30m

In the shopping district which takes advantage of the characteristics of the retro hot spring area, and which tends to be a point of passage despite being in the...

Odawara, Ejima

Odawara 30m

Odawara Ejima, located on the Ginza-dori shopping street just a 7-minute walk from the East Exit of Odawara Station, is a specialty store dedicated to Japanese...

DARUMA Restaurant

Odawara 1h

Founded in 1893. It is popular for dishes such as tempura and sushi which mainly feature seafood caught in Sagami Bay. The stately, tasteful building is registered...

Ishikawa Lacquerware

Odawara 15m

Since their founding, they have been making products using locally produced materials, paying attention to safety, utilizing traditional techniques, while applying...

Odawara Inn Livelihood Exchange Center

Odawara 1h

This facility is intended to re-establish the old network wholesaler which was built in 1932. A casual rest house for any visitors. Local people have the opportunities...

KAMABOKO Street in Odawara

Odawara 30m

The main steamed fish paste store has been set up in the eaves, and you can walk around freely without walls or fences. The street used to be a fish market, and...


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