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Walk along the Manazuru Peninsula and immerse yourself in the roaring seas and peaceful forest

Western Area 10h30m

Manazuru offers the wonders of both the mountains and the sea. Places you can't go outside of certain time slots, seaside strolls, forest bathing… This course is for those who want bask in the energy of nature to their heart's content.

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Arai Castle Ruins Park

The peaceful park surrounded by a bamboo forest is a place for rest and repose. In spring when the shidare sakura blooms, a sakura festival is held. In the afternoon, enjoy the contrast of pink against green and at night, enjoy the fantastical sight of sakura with illuminations.

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Nakagawa Kazumasa Art Museum

This museum has a collection of 652 pieces of Kazumasa Nakagawa, a major existence in Japan’s western art scene after World War II. Nakagawa had an atelier in Manazuru and worked there till his death. Please enjoy viewing his works in the midst of the rich nature of the Manazuru Peninsula.

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Ohayashi view park

In the park, there’s a golf course and a barbecue pit where everyone young and old can enjoy themselves. At the tip of the park, there is an observatory where you can enjoy a view of Hatsushima island and Oshima island.

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Manazuru nature trail

【Forest Promenade】This 300 meter long promenade stretches out in the direction of the cape from the Nakagawa Museum of Art. Midway there is a hut for bird-watching. 【Forest Therapy Promenade】 As opposed to the Forest Promenade, this promenade stretches out towards the south and is 850 meters long. 【Banbaura Promenade】 This promenade is about 450 meters long and stretches from Kamegasa...

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Also known as Kasashima Island, Mitsuishi is famous as a spot to see the first sunrise of the year and is symbolic of the Manazuru Peninsula. In low tides, this mystical place links to the peninsula.

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Cape Manazuru

Drive in to Cape Manazuru located at the tip of the Manazuru Peninsula Prefectural Nature Park. From Cape Manzuru, you can enjoy a view of the Izu Peninsula, Shonan, Boso Peninsula and Izu Seven Islands. The panorama stretching out to the sea is a highlight not to be missed.

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Kibune Shrine

Kibune Shrine holds annual festival on July 27th and 28th. The shrine is famous for gallant and spectacular Funamatsuri (decorated ship) and is a nationally designated important intangible cultural property.

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