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Visit the well-known Chigasaki and a park full of history and nature

Shonan Area 8h15m

This course will have you feeling nature. You’ll enjoy activities like a forest walk of an ideal 1.5 km as well as see the back of Eboshi Iwa, a rocky crag.

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Yugyo-ji Temple

The head temple of Ji-shu Buddhism (time sect) worshipping Priest Ippen as the founder. Many events are held throughout the year, including a ceremony for the anniversary of the founder’s death (Kaisanki), and Susuki Nenbutsu-e (prayer ceremony). This place is known as a place of relaxation for the locals and as a training ground with buddhist temples including a wooden main temple praise...

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Shinbayashi Park (Stroll/Bird-watching)

In this 16.2 hectare park, there is a 1.5km nature trail along the ridges of the mountains, an adventure park with playground equipment, and the Kawana Oike springs. You can find various plants such as the golden-banded lilies etc. on the nature trail which also serves as a hiking trail, and at the Kawana Oike springs, you can observe wild birds such as Kingfishers. At the wetlands area, you c...

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Former Kondo Residence

The Former Kondo Residence was built in 1925 after the Great Kanto Earthquake as a villa in Tsujido of Fujisawa-shi. It is said to be a representation of Japanese and Western styles at the time. After graduating from Tokyo Imperial University (Tokyo University) in 1914, Arata Endo, who designed this residence, studied for 6 years under American architect Frank Lloyd Wright who is known as the d...

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Takasuna Green Space・Shouraian

This green space has a garden where a variety of trees and flowers are planted, including daffodils, cherry trees, azaleas, purple orchids, monkey grass, maple trees, coral bush, and more. You can enjoy the seasonal flowers and greenery here throughout the year. Shouraian also has a tea house located in the back of the Japanese garden; visitors can enter and look around inside, unless it's rese...

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Chigasaki City Museum

Opened in 1998 as a hometown museum, Chigasaki City Museum collects a variety of artwork related to the city. During their special exhibitions, the works of Chigasaki artists are introduced, whereas in the collection exhibitions, works of art will be selected and exhibited from 2,000 collections according to the theme.

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Chigasaki Southern C

Chigasaki Southern C is the symbol of Southern Beach Chigasaki and has even fronted the Southern All Stars CD cover. This place is famous as a matchmaking (En-musubi) spot as when one stands at the right of the C, filling the gap in “C”, a circle (“En” in Japanese) will be formed, essentially tying fates (also “En” in Japanese) together. It is also famous for being a photo spot in Chigasaki whe...

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