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Two days of Kanagawa sports and health activities

Yokohama, Kawasaki 8h30m

As the 2020 Olympics draw near and sports are gaining interest, this course will touch on all that Kanagawa has to offer regarding sports. There will also be a tour of Yokohama's most famous sports facilities.

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Forest Adventure Odawara

Forest Adventure is a forest leisure facility that was started by ALTUS in Annecy, France. As the name suggests, it is an outdoor park in harmony with nature. Participants can experience activities that can not be found in their daily lives. The park was initially created for corporate training programs of companies in France and Switzerland. Once the park was opened to the public in France, th...

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SNOVA SHIN-YOKOHAMA is an indoor skiing ground where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding all year round. The course has an overall length of 60 m, width of 30 m, and a gradient of 10 to 14 degrees. A full-scale half pipe, large and small ramps are provided in spite of its size. This is the course that anyone can enjoy, from beginners to ones aiming to be a professional. A moving walkway will ...

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