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Time travel to the Edo Period. Use an Irori fireplace and try being a samurai

Western Area 6h30m 1

This course makes use of the Hakone Free Pass. Dine on amazake and chikara-mochi around the sunken hearth at “Amazake-Chaya”, a long-established restaurant that has been around since the Edo Period. At Hakone Mononofu-no-Sato Art Museum you can try wearing armor. For your accommodation enjoy a luxurious trip while staying at the Kanaya Resort Hakone which opened in November 2017 and sits in a vast 6500-tsubo (approximately 21.5 km²) forest.


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Amazake Chaya Teahouse

Western Area 30m

Located next-door to the Hakone Tokaido Museum, Amazake Chaya Teahouse has been in business for 12 successive generations since it was established in the Edo...

Hakone-jinja Shrine

Western Area 1h

Hakone Shrine has been considered to be one of the most prestigious shrines in the Kanto region and is the site of prayers for traffic safety, realization of...


Western Area 1h

The Great Garden, which boasts a vast site, was inherited from the former Iwakasi residence, and has been maintained to be even easier to stroll around and f...

Hakone Mononofunosato Museum

Western Area 1h

Armor, helmets, matchlock guns, tachi longswords, ukiyo-e, and hanging scrolls from the Edo period up to the Kamakura period are on display. Visitors are inv...


Western Area 1h

Kanaya Resort Hakone was opened in 2017 and is modeled after the forest villa cherished by Senji "John" Kanaya, founder of Hotel Kanaya Kinugawa. Enjoy the b...

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