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Three Day Tour: Kanagawa's Museums and More!

There are plenty of hot springs and spas for the whole family to enjoy in Kanagawa. There are even interactive facilities and amusement parks. This three day course is perfect for making great memories.


Yokohama Anpanman Children's Museum

Yokohama 2h

This is a place where children's dreams of meeting Anpanman can come true. The facility consists of a museum floor (charged) where you can enjoy Anpanman's world...

Cup Noodles Museum, Yokohama

Yokohama 1h30m

An interactive food education facility opened in Minato Mirai Area. This facility has various CUPNOODLES displays and do-it-yourself experience to enable visitors...

Yokohama Cosmoworld

Yokohama 2h

The main feature of this amusement park is one of the biggest Ferris wheels in the world, having a height of 112.5 meters and capacity of 480 passengers. Other...

Marine Rouge

Yokohama 2h

Join our cruise and explore Yokohama. You can view landmarks of Yokohama such as the Landmark Tower, ferris wheel, and Bay Bridge.

Yokohama Minatomirai Manyo Club

Yokohama 2h

A hot spring facility with hot spring baths, relaxation areas, and overnight accommodations. The water is carried from hot springs in Atami and Yugawara six times...

Enoshima Aquarium

Fujisawa 2h

Please check our website for the latest information. With Mt. Fuji located in the west and Sagami Bay in the south, the aquarium is located in a scenic spot of...

Shonan Shirasu (boiled whitebait)

Fujisawa 1h

Shonan shirasu (boiled whitebait) that is rich in flavor can only be eaten on the day they are caught. Those who miss out have the opportunity to purchase dried...

Enoshima Island Spa

Fujisawa 2h

Located at the entrance of Enoshima, Enoshima Island Spa is a hot spring facility with a natural hot spring and spa pool. It is a great location with views of the...

TIVOLI Sweets Factory

Yugawara 1h

TIVOLI is confection maker which opened in November 2017 that produces assorted cookies and boasts the top share in the domestic market. This is their only facility...

Kumano Shrine, Manyo Park

Yugawara 30m

Kumano Shrine enshrines a god of hot water, and hot water runs down the purification trough. There are 'Yukake-matsuri' on the fourth Saturday of May, and regularly...

Hakone Lake Ashinoko Pleasure Boat

Hakone 1h

The Lake Ashi Leisure Cruise opened as the first catamaran cruise ship in Japan in 1920, and currently operates a liner service between the 4 ports of Hakone Sekisho-ato,...

Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun

Hakone 2h

This recreational facility consists of 2 areas: the “Yunessun” play area for playing in the water in bathing suits and the “Forest spa” relaxing hot spring...

Suzuhiro Kamaboko Museum

Odawara 1h

A facility where you can enjoy learning about the history and nutrition of “kamaboko” (a type of cured surimi, a processed seafood product common in Japanese...

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