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Spring flower viewing in Kamakura by Enoden

Yokosuka, Miura 2h30m

Appreciate weeping cherry trees at Hongakuji and Ankokuronji temples, cherry blossoms at Koumyoji Temple and flowering quinces at Kuhon Temple

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Hongaku-ji temple

Ichijo Nisshutsu founded the Hongakuji in 1436 (Eikyo 8). Ashikaga Mochiuji built the temple where there was Ebisudo and donated to Nisshutsu. The second chief priest was Niccho Shonin, so the temple is known familiarly as “Niccho-sama”. The temple is also called as “Higashi Minobu”, because Minobusan shared out part of remains of Nichiren to the temple.

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Ankokuron-ji Temple

This temple was established in 1253 (Kencho 5) by the founder of Nichiren Buddhism, Nichiren Shonin. The name of this temple originates from the fact that Rissho Ankoku Ron (“On Securing the Peace of the Land by Establishing True Teachings of Buddhism”) was written here. This place is surrounded by hills and abundant with nature; the seasonal flowers and trees, such as plum, sakura, peach bloss...

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