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Hakone's Sengokuhara pampas grass and relaxing visits to art museums

Western Area 6h45m

Along with a stunning view of the symbol of fall—pampas grass—you'll be going through scenic spots in Hakone that have nothing to offer but sceneries full of the beauty of nature. This course is great chance to relax and refresh your mind and body.

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Silver Grass Plant Community

The Sengokuhara Silver Grass Plains is prided as one of the best in the Kanto Region. Stretching until the vicinity of the southern foot of Mount Kintoki and the northwestern foot of Mount Daigatake, the glimmering Silver Grass Plant Community is one of the sceneries representing Hakone in autumn.

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Hakone Botanical Garden of Wetlands

This botanical garden in Hakone Sengokuhara was the first one in Japan to be dedicated to wetland plants. The garden contains some 1700 plants, including about 200 types of woody and herbaceous wetland plants from Japan, and 1100 varieties of alpine, grassland, and forest plants, as well as some rare foreign plants. The tour route in the garden is organized according to a progression from lowla...

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Pola Museum of Art

This private museum, operated by the Pola Art Foundation, houses around 9,500 works of art featuring impressionist masterpieces, including those by Monet and Renoir, as well as Japanese traditional and oil paintings, glass crafts and make-up tools collected by Tsuneshi Suzuki, the former owner of Pola Orbis Group. The museum consists of 5 exhibition rooms: Western arts and modern Japanese arts ...

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Hakone Museum Of Art

Hakone museum of art is the oldest museum in Hakone. The museum opened in Hakone-cho Gora in 1952. The museum displays Asian and Japanese ceramics that have been collected by the founder of the museum Mokichi Okada before his death. The exhibition mainly consists of “Japanese Yakimono (ceramics)”. Collections are: Mino wares such as Shino, Oribe, and Kiseto from Momoyama to Edo era, pots and ja...

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