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Fujisawa-shuku Shopping Neighborhood: An important stop for travellers in past and present

Shonan Area 6h30m

In 1325, at the end of the Kamakura period,Yuzuru Shinkaikai established a crew temple (officially Shojyokouji Temple,) in Fujisawa. Let's visit the former Tokaido Fujisawa inn, centering on Yukuji, the Jisou's head temple. At Motohasunuma shopping district every Saturday we have a lotus root day, each store is developing products under the brand name Hasuike street story, you can enjoy buns, cookies, cakes etc. The popular ramen shop Uzu is also a member of this. Hasuike pond located ahead of the shopping area (Hasuike Avenue) is a small scale, but it is well maintained and lotuses bloom a lot around the beginning of July.

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Fujisawa Shuku (Maita Honjin Ato)

From the Edo Period, Fujisawa was designated as the 6th of 53 "Posting Stations" located along the Tokaido Road (from Edo to Kyoto). In the Fujisawa Posting Station (Fujisawa-Shuku) around Yugyo-ji temple, the road marks of Maita Honjin, same as temples/shrines can still be seen. At the "Post Town Fujisawa Exchange Center" near Yugyo-ji temple, the information regarding the Fujisawa-Shuku are p...

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Yugyo-ji Temple

The head temple of Ji-shu Buddhism (time sect) worshipping Priest Ippen as the founder. Many events are held throughout the year, including a ceremony for the anniversary of the founder’s death (Kaisanki), and Susuki Nenbutsu-e (prayer ceremony). This place is known as a place of relaxation for the locals and as a training ground with buddhist temples including a wooden main temple praise...

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Fujisawa Shuku Kouryu-kan

Guided tour of the streets (3~4 hours). We will stop at Fujisawa shuku Kouryu-kan, where you can see an exhibition of local materials, dioramas, and experience virtual experiences. Special Fujisawa Shuku Bento (Prior reservation required).

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Hasu Ike (Lotus Pond)

Though a small pond, at Hasu Ike, located near Hon-Kugenuma shopping district, lotus flowers bloom around the beginning of July every year. At the shopping district, shops have created products under the brand name "Hasu Ike Dori Monogatari", and lotus root breads and cookies as well as cakes can be eaten here.

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