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Discover Hakone Shrine and it’s one other rival power-spot: Kuzuryu Shrine

Western Area 8h15m 0

This course will guide you to a shrine great for those looking for an ideal partner and to the only aquarium in Hakone.


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Hakone Gora Park

Western Area 30m

Hakone Gora Park was opened at 1914 and you can see seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, azaleas, hydrangeas, autumn leaves and roses. It offers various...


Western Area 1h

【CAUTION! Volcanic gases are hazardous to your health. Do not enter this area if you have asthma, bronchial disease, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc...

Hakone-jinja Shrine

Western Area 1h

Hakone Shrine has been considered to be one of the most prestigious shrines in the Kanto region and is the site of prayers for traffic safety, realization of...


Western Area 2h

Hakone-en is a comprehensive recreational facility with many attractions, restaurant, and souvenir shops. It serves as a convenient base for sightseeing in H...

Kuzuryū Shrine

Western Area 30m

The Kuzuryū Shrine is an outer precinct shrine of the Hakone Shrine, worshipping the guardian deity of Lake Ashinoko and Kuzuryū Shrine. This shrine, located...


Western Area 45m

The "water spider" technique is one of the techniques used by ninjas. NINJA BUS WATER SPIDER, like a ninja, glides smoothly across water. This water bus goes...

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