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Yudate-Shishimai Lion Dance at Sengokuhara

Western Area 5h15m

A shrine with a yudate (Shinto ritual in which the priest sprinkles water) tradition passed down from 1714 (An’ei 5). Although there are many yudate rituals throughout Japan, ones carried out by lions are rare. You can pray for health, safety, and rich harvest. The lion stirs the hot water with the fruit of kuma bamboo grass. Then, worshippers are sprinkled with hot water to be cleansed of evil spirits. “Yudate Lion Dance” is a National and Prefectural (Kanagawa) Important Intangible Folk-Cultural Property. On March 27th, there will be the festival of Suwa Shrine at Sengokuhara, the festival of Kintoki Shrine on May 5th, and festival of Suwa Shrine in Miyagino Ward on July 15th.

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Sengokuhara Choanji

You can enjoy autumn leaves without large crowds here, although this is a famous spot for autumn leaves and the statues of 500 Rakans. Choanji, which is a Soto sect temple, is designated as one of '100 best temples with flowers of East Japan', and blue flowers called Iwa-Jishan in October are particulary beautiful.

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Yudate Lion Dance (Sengokuhara)

Yudate Kagura is a traditional event was handed down in 1776. While the Shinto ritual of yudate exists throughout Japan, it is not so common for it be carried out by a lion. Praying for sound health, peace and prosperity in the household, and bumper crops, the lion stirs boiling water with bamboo grass, and purifies the worshippers by sprinkling them with the water, warding off pestilence. Whil...

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Silver Grass Plant Community

The Sengokuhara Silver Grass Plains is prided as one of the best in the Kanto Region. Stretching until the vicinity of the southern foot of Mount Kintoki and the northwestern foot of Mount Daigatake, the glimmering Silver Grass Plant Community is one of the sceneries representing Hakone in autumn.

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Sengokuhara Hot Spring

It is a famous resort area in Hakone that is rich in nature. At the lake, you can see pampas grass, wild birds, and flora and fauna. There are also colorless and transparent hot springs as well as acidic gypsum springs.

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