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Cycle around the Manazuru Peninsula and look at weeping cherry blossoms at night

Western Area 4h15m

This course is perfect for enjoying the Manazaru Peninsula, a place surrounded by forests and the sea. Rent a cycle and head to the shrine standing on high ground with views of the port city. Check out weeping cherry blossoms at night at Araijoshi Park.

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Kibune Shrine

Kibune Shrine holds annual festival on July 27th and 28th. The shrine is famous for gallant and spectacular Funamatsuri (decorated ship) and is a nationally designated important intangible cultural property.

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Manazuru Port

This port is a base for the local industries in Manazuru, fishing boats, cargo ships carrying stone materials, and so on. Besides that, there is a fish market nearby where the catch of the day is sold. The Kaijo Togyo (shrine procession in the sea) of the Kibune Festival, an important intangible folk cultural property of Japan, is also held here at the Manazuru Port.

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Arai Castle Ruins Park

The peaceful park surrounded by a bamboo forest is a place for rest and repose. In spring when the shidare sakura blooms, a sakura festival is held. In the afternoon, enjoy the contrast of pink against green and at night, enjoy the fantastical sight of sakura with illuminations.

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Manazuru Shidarezakura(cherry blossoms)

In a tranquil park surrounded by the forest, the “weeping cherries” create a fantastical atmosphere. During event season there are stores where you can buy food and drinks, so even if you come empty handed you can enjoy the cherry blossoms. Please enjoy the pink spring of Manazuru. Light-up times: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM (the last day is only until 8:00 PM)

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