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A taste of Japanese hot spring tradition

Western Area 19h

With great access from the city, this course lets you enjoy services unique to hot spring hotels in Iiyama Onsen, as well as a variety of hot springs in Hakone and Kanagawa. You can also learn about hot spring culture. At the hot spring hotel, you can check out a geisha performance and experience firsthand the unique sulfur smell of the hot spring source, Owakudani. On the last day, you can shop at stores with traditions and history in castle town, Odawara.

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Japan Open Air Folk House Museum

30 minutes from Tokyo and 40 minutes away by car from Haneda Airport, this municipal Japanese folklore park located in the northern part of Kawasaki City is an outdoor museum featuring 25 structures, including Japanese traditional houses, watermills and Kabuki stages. In one of the facilities, the traditional crafts building, you can experience indigo dyeing.

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Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum (Planetarium)

This natural science museum lets you view exhibits displaying the natural world of Kawasaki, visit a planetarium, and use their astro terrace for star gazing. On weekends, they team up with the Kawasaki Organization for Nature Research and Conservation for the Ikuta Ryokuchi Park Observation Walk, and a wide variety of science experiment classes to show you mysterious phenomena done with famili...

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Cafe Hoshimeguri

A café located inside the Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum that has an exhibition room about the planetarium and the nature of Ikuta Ryokuchi Park and Kawasaki. Café Hoshimeguri faces the plaza in Ikuta Ryokuchi Park, allowing you to fully enjoy nature. After experiencing space in the planetarium, relax at the café.

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Koganei Brewery

This is a historical, 200 year old sake brewery. In the nature of Higashitanzawa, the brewery uses the local springwater to create it's sake, Sakarimasu. Additionally, shochu, craft beer, and liquers are brewed and can be bought at the shop or enjoyed with Italian food at the brewery-owned restaurant, "Selvaggina." Early Morning Sightseeing Sakarimasu is a local sake that ha...

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Iiyama Hakuryu-no-Mai

The Iiyama White Dragon Taiko and White Dragon Dance originated from ancient rainmaking rituals where people play their taiko and dance with white dragons to pray for rain to fall upon the plain of Sagami. Now it is also an event for the Iiyama Sakura Festival.

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Haku-undo Tea Garden

Haku-undo Tea Garden was built by Takashi Matsuda (also known as Don-ou), who was considered to be the greatest Tea Master next to Rikyu. Visitors can rent a tea room and learn how to enjoy tea ceremony from a professional tea master.

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【CAUTION! Volcanic gases are hazardous to your health. Do not enter this area if you have asthma, bronchial disease, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc.】 Ōwakudani is a popular tourist spot that attests to the past volcanic activity of Hakone. Actually a crater on Mt. Kamiyama formed by the last volcanic eruption of Hakone around 3,000 years ago, Ōwakudani still actively emits a w...

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A long-standing inn housed in a four-story sukiya-style wood building in Hakone Onsen. This inn, overflowing with the romance of travel, also offers guest rooms with their own private open air roten (with a view) baths through which hot spring water flows. All of the rooms face Hayakawa Valley, allowing you to enjoy the unique nature of Hakone in all four seasons. This location was designated a...

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Uirou Co,. Ltd

The oldest Uirou shop of Uirou family in Kanagawa. In order to entertain foreign delegates 600 years ago, Uirou were born. It has a flavor of slight sweetness and texture is very soft.

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The main office located in a fisherman's town along the sea that was previously known as "Sendo Koji (also known as a Boatman’s Alley)." Because the area was damaged during the Great Kanto Earthquake, the main office was rebuilt in 1924. The letters shown on the thick signboard hanging from the eaves reading “Kagosei” were written by the founder of Mitsui & Co., Takashi Masuda. We hope you’ll c...

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Katsuobushi Museum Kagotune

A specialty chopsticks store founded in 1893. This store, which has the appearance of a store from long ago, introduces the production process that is used in transforming bonito fished fresh from the sea into katsuobushi, or small pieces of dried bonito. There are many regional products that communicate the industrial culture of Odawara that has existed from times of old. This includes represe...

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Tamura Ginkatsutei

We provide Tofu Katsu-ni made with gin-tofu from the Hakone Gora hot spring, as well as carefully selected deep fried loin. We have prepared both relaxing floor and table seats in the calm space of a traditional Japanese house.

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Odawara Manyo-no-Yu

Odawara became a castle town of the Hojo clan from the Muromachi period and has welcomed many people as one of the leading lodging towns in Tokaido. Odawara Manyo-no-Yu is located in front of the station that is surrounded by beautiful mountains and ocean. We provide hospitality in the relaxing spaces of the six-story building.

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