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Kanei Sake Brewery

Kanei Sake Brewery


Founded in 1868, this is the only sake brewery in Hadano City, Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition to the traditional "Shirasasa Tsutsumi " and "Sasano-Tsuyu" sake, the brewery also produces the famous "Mozart" series of sake, in which Mozart is played by the koji mold. Sake brewery tours are available by advance reservation.

Kanei Sake Brewery in the morning

In addition to the old-fashioned Shirasasa Tsutsumi and the original Sasanosu sake, this brewery mixes modernity and tradition in its sake production. Experience the famous Mozart series, in which koji mold ferments while listening to Mozart. Advance reservations for sake brewery tours are available.

Essential Information


8:50am–5:30pm, except Sunday and holidays
(Reservation required for brewery tour)



Closed Sundays and holidays

Confirmation necessary


About 15 minutes' bus ride from Hadano station, Odakyu Line

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