Yokosuka Love and Marriage

Yokosuka, Miura 5h

This is a popular route with foreigners, where you'll be visiting spiritually charged places and temples known for granting love to its visitors.

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Hashirimizu Reservoir

This reservoir is the source of the Yokosuka City water supply and it is well known for its taste. An estimated 1000 cubic meters of water is supplied every day, and you can have a drink of this water from the faucet of the parking lots. (The spring water is purified through membrane filtration.) This reservoir is also famous for being a popular cherry blossom viewing spot. In spring, look out ...

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Cape Kannonzaki

The whole of Cape Kannonzaki is maintained as a park and there, you can find an art museum with scenic landscapes and the Kannonzaki Lighthouse where you can enjoy a view of the Boso Peninsula. There are also wartime ruins you can visit the whole year round, and in summer, you can spend a day at the beach or enjoy a delicious barbecue. This place is also famous for its hydrangeas, and is select...

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