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Immerse Yourself in the Naval Culture of Yokosuka

Miura Peninsula Multi day 7

You’ll hop over to Jogashima from Misakiguchi for a one hour visit and then head to Yokosuka for an enjoyable night with a delectable meal of fresh seafood.


Recommended Transit Passes

Yokosuka Enjoy Ticket



Miura 30m

Savor the picturesque scenery of the Miura Peninsula on this topless doubledecker bus as you head for the abundant nature of Jogashima, which boasts 2 Stars in...

Cruise of YOKOSUKA Naval Port

Yokosuka 1h

Yokosuka Port has developed as a naval port ever since the American vessels commanded by Commodore Matthew C.Perry landed in Japan 160 years ago. Yokosuka is known...

Dobuita Street

Yokosuka 45m

It is a shopping district with a unique atmosphere that blends American and Japanese cultures, and many stores offer shopping in U.S. dollars. It is also famous...

Mikasa Historic Memorial Warship

Yokosuka 1h

Memorial Ship MIKASA is a battle ship that was built in England 1902 (Meiji 35). In 1905 (Meiji 38), MIKASA was led by Admiral Heihachiro Togo, Commander-in-Chief...

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Yokosuka 3h

Sarushima is the only deserted island in the Tokyo Bay area and is also the biggest natural island. Here you can enjoy many activities such as barbecue, fishing,...

Uogashi-Hamakura (Yokosuka Fish market)

Yokosuka 1h

In warm Yokosuka, surrounded by the ocean on three sides, you can enjoy fresh seafood. At “Uogashi Hamakura,” an employee cafeteria inside the market, general...


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