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Walk along the rail tracks. Visit Izumo Taisha and sake cellars.

Shonan Area 4h45m 1

A course where you walk between adjacent Shibusawa and Hadano stations. Look through Sakuradote Kofun Park, which contains the largest kofun (megalithic tomb) in Kanagawa Prefecture, browse the cellars of the Kanai Sake Brewery Shop, famous for their “Mozart” series, where the music of Mozart is played to the koji-mold used in the brewing process, and say a prayer at the power spot Izumo Shrine Sagamibunshi. A course filled with history, gourmet, and benefit.


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Sakuradotekofun Park

Shonan Area 1h

Sakuradote Kofun is located around the center of the Mizunashi River running through Hadano. 35 kofun (burial mounds) have been identified there, making it t...

Kanei Sake Brewery

Shonan Area 1h

Established during the First year of Meiji, it is the one and only Sake brewery in Hadano shi, Kanagawa prefecture.

Izumo Shrine Sagamibunshi

Central Area 45m

Various seasonal events, such as a festival to usher in luck (Fukumukae-sai) during the New Year's, a plum festival in spring, a chinese lantern plant market...

Meisan Center

Shonan Area 30m

This store, dealing in Hadano souvenirs, is located around the north exit of the Odakyu Line Hadano Station. They also sell local specialties that have been ...

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