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Visit one of the largest dried food factories in Japan!

Western Area 4h

The best dried marine product factory in Japan

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Suzuhiro Kamaboko (steamed fish paste) Museum

Interactive exhibition facility where you can learn about Kamaboko history, mystery, materials and its nutrition while having fun. You can see Kamaboko masters making kamabokos through the glass (closed on Wednesdays). There are kamaboko and chikuwa making workshops (reservation needed). Teachers are actual kamaboko/chikuwa masters. Kamaboko is suitable for souvenirs, and fresh-baked chikuwa is...

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Yamayasu, Haneo Main Factory

For ages, Odawara of Sagami Province has been known as a city with delicious food. Odawara is situated in an excellent environment, blessed with a treasure trove of fresh marine produce caught from the nearby ocean. Open for business in this delicious city is Yamayasu, a store that has dedicated itself to dried fish and its wonderful flavor since 1863.

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