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Two relaxing days at a hot spring

Western Area 6h 25

Enjoy Kanagawa's most famous hot spring resort, Hakone, to your heart's content. You'll be relaxing in the hot springs both days of the trip, washing away all your stress and worries.


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Only-you (Hot Spring)

Western Area 2h

This is a facility to enjoy modern “Toji” style. Wide range of programs are available, such as Nordic walking, Yoga, and others.


Western Area 1h

【CAUTION! Volcanic gases are hazardous to your health. Do not enter this area if you have asthma, bronchial disease, respiratory disease, heart disease, etc...

Hakone Kowaki-en Yunessun

Western Area 2h

This recreational facility consists of 2 areas: the “Yunessun” play area for playing in the water in bathing suits and the “Forest spa” relaxing hot spring b...

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