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Tour of Kawasaki Daishi and Shopping Street

Yokohama, Kawasaki 5h15m

First Shinkya Ranking It is a tour that enjoys the downtown of Kawasaki which has developed as Monzencho, you will walk around shopping streets and temples in the surrounding area and visit Kawasaki Daishi which has the 3rd largest numbers of visitors to New year shrine.

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Shogetsuan Kawasaki (Soba)

The natural fragrance, springiness and texture of soba noodles come from two masterful hands working in a kibachi kneading bowl. The crisp clearness of the dipping sauce is a product of upholding traditional methods. This natural culture of taste has been passed from generation to generation. The restaurant aspires to bring a modern sensibility to soba, all while paying respects to memories of ...

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Kanayama Shrine

This shrine is located within the grounds of Wakamiya Hachimangu in Kawasaki-ku.The sacred body is a metal phallus, also called “Kanamara-sama” ("god of the devilish metal penis"), and is believed to be a guardian deity for both giving birth and illnesses that affect the lower body.A unique mikoshi is paraded at the Kanamara Festival in spring. Nightlife in Kanagawa

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