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Tour of 2 Onsen Towns: Yugawara and Hakone (Stay in Hakone Onsen)

Western Area 5h45m

While touring the "Golden route" of Hakone, you will get to visit Hakone Shrine, as well as a checking station for an immersive experience of Japanese culture. Afterwards, you will get to stay for a night in Yugawara Hot Spring. The following day, you will participate in a Japanese snack making class at Mirakuan, which is a store famous for its foods made with mandarin oranges. This is a course that lets you tour the western region of Kanagawa Prefecture.

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Hakone-jinja Shrine

Hakone Shrine has been considered to be one of the most prestigious shrines in the Kanto region and is the site of prayers for traffic safety, realization of wishes, and good luck/expelling bad luck. The origin of the shrine dates back to the reign of Emperor Kōshō, about 2,400 years ago, when the holy priest Shosen was enshrined as the object of worship in Komagatake, Hakone, which since that ...

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Mirakuan of Yugawara, famous for mandarin orange Monaka, conducts Japanese confectionery making experiences. You can take home your confectionery as souvenirs, or eat them there.

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Kumano Shrine, Manyo Park

Kumano Shrine enshrines a god of hot water, and hot water runs down the purification trough. There are 'Yukake-matsuri' on the fourth Saturday of May, and regularly held festival takes place at the same weekends. At the Manyo Park located at the center of spa town, there are so many Manyo plants (plants cited in the Manyoshu). There are also Manyo-tei modelled after ancient architecture of Many...

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