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Soba noodle making experience and Mount Takatori hiking

Shonan Area 7h15m 10

Go hiking or enjoy the springs as you gaze at the Tanzawa Mountains. You can also try your hand at making soba, enjoy the scenic woodlands, and much more, making this area great for learning about the unique aspects of Japanese culture.


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Zenba Peak

Shonan Area 15m

Zenba peak is located on the border of Hadano City and Isehara City, crossing over Hadano City from Tokyo’s Akasaka Gomon, past the Yagurazawa barrier (sekis...

Mount Nenbutsu

Shonan Area 1h

Mount Nenbutsu, mostly left untouched by humans, is a place rich with nature. Near the peak, there are numerous Ojizo buddhist statues and you can enjoy a vi...

Mt Takatoriyama

Central Area 1h

Mt. Takatori is surrounded by nature, and one can overlook Isehara City. There are benches at the top for lunches or breaks. It is somewhat of a climb, so ...

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