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Zenba Pass Cut

Zenba Pass Cut

Naganuki, Hadano-shi, Kanagawa
Map of Zenba Pass Cut
  • Tanzawa-Oyama Freepass

Zenba peak is located on the border of Hadano City and Isehara City, crossing over Hadano City from Tokyo’s Akasaka Gomon, past the Yagurazawa barrier (sekisho). The Yagurazawa Okan reaching Shizuoka’s Numazu City also passes through this peak. This peak is on the Tokaido route where a lot of people in the past used it for the alternate-year residence system of the feudal lords(Sankin-Kotai), as well as transportation of goods and visiting Mount Fuji or Mount Oyama. The road passing through the peak was used until the Zenba Tunnel was completed in the early Showa period.

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Hadano Station, Odakyu Line

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