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Precious in the capital! A tranquil island with fair nature sights year round

Yokosuka, Miura 3h45m

This little island may only be 4 km around, but it’s packed with things to do. There’s the bordering reef scenery, the sandy beach, the lighthouse, a viewing platform, shops, a shrine, and more. Taking an ample amount of time to wander is recommended. Koajiro has the best remaining nature areas in the Kanto region. You’ll love strolling through its forest.

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Awasaki Lighthouse

When you go down from the prefectural Jogashima Park to the sea, there is a small lighthouse on the rocky ground. The lighthouse is 11 meters high, but the light apparently reaches 20 kilometers into the distance. You can also see it from a distance from the observatory in the park, but please try walking to it and enjoying the coastal scenery as well.

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Umanose Doumon (Horseback rock gate)

This is a rock gate created by long-term seawater erosion. The gate offers a mysteriously beautiful form nature has created, and impresses viewers with its magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean stretching out from it. This is one of Japan's nature-created scenic places.

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Jogashima Lighthouse

The lighthouse was designed by a French engineer, Francois Leonce Verny and completed in 1870 (Meiji 3). The lighthouse collapsed in the Great Kanto Earthquake, so it was reconstructed in 1926 (Taisho 15). The height of lighthouse is 11.5 m and it stands on a cliff top, which is 30 m above sea level. A magnificent scenery spreads beneath the lighthouse.

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Koajiro Forest

Koajiro Forest is said to be the only natural environment in Kanto where you can find an entire river basin connecting the forest to swamps/mud flats and the sea. Starting with the red-clawed crab living in the forest, many living organisms make up a diverse ecosystem. As you walk along the path from the forest to the mudflats, you can observe the changes in the natural environment.

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